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This guide provides in-depth instructions on how to use Zotero, organize sources, and create in-text citations and bibliographies.

Zotero is exhibiting unexpect behavior

Typical performance issues with Zotero are:

PDF is not downloading

  • First, make sure the desktop app is open
  • Next, make sure you have the necessary access to download the pdf document.
    • Check to see if you've authenticated via OpenAthens to the journal or database
    • The Library's subscriptions don't include all full text versions of articles
  • Check to see if you need to accept cookies or terms of agreement before  you can view and download the pdf document

A Google Document doesn't finish 'Updating document'

  • First:, minimize your browser and check to see if the Zotero document preferences window or citation box, is displayed. Click on desktop app, to activate either option. Close the Preferences window or press ESC to close citation box.
  • Second, close (Cmd + Q for MacOS) both Zotero and your browser and reopen both.

Where else to go for help

If you are not able to find an answer to your issue here, the Zotero community has a robust knowledge base and discussion forums. Most answers to issues can be found in there.